Innovative, creative, forward thinking 0

Innovative, creative, forward thinking

As a company offering complex and unique environmental solutions, we believe that our technologies should themselves organically fit into their environment, thereby creating more sustainable and cost effective operating plants.

More than wastewater treatment 0

More than wastewater treatment

Energy generation, untreated water replacement, recovery of valuable by-products, recovery of raw materials for production.

More than 15 years of experience 0

More than 15 years of experience

Through the preparation, design, implementation and operation of tasks in the past 15 years, we have established our own knowledge base allowing us to react to any challenge involving wastewater, water treatment and biogas projects. We offer unique and innovative solutions based on our knowledge pool.



We assist our clients during every phase of the project implementation with:

We assist our clients during every phase of the project implementation with:

  • Outstanding professional experience at an international level,
  • Complex guarantees,
  • Turn-key general contracting with full liabilities,
  • State-of-the-art technology,
  • Option of long-term operation and/or operation supervision.

Residential Equality



Leading technologies and sustainable solutions



When creating our technologies a key criteria was to avoid any impact of noise, vibration, odor or aerosol on the environment. In line with international practice, this ensures that communal wastewater treatment plants are built in the direct vicinity of residential areas, and industrial wastewater treatment plants are built in factories side-by-side with production units. All this offers significant savings potential. Our biotechnology features a high level of flexibility and toleration capacity which allows high level of automation. A minimum number of operating staff is needed (they can even be employed part-time). The wastewater treatment plants operate non-stop and their professional and effective operation poses an even greater challenge than their construction. Upon demand, our company provides professional supervision and, in case of industrial facilities, comprehensive operation.

Industrial wastewater treatment plants

Industrial wastewater treatment plants

Our industrial wastewater treatment plants evolve in line with the increasingly diverse requirements of our clients and the challenging composition of wastewaters. Competition is extremely intense in this worldwide sector meaning that new technologies must be developed constantly. Our mission is the implementation of patented cutting-edge technologies and their adaptation to a specific task.

The economic and sustainability aspects of industrial wastewater treatment plants are now among the most important issues. Our facilities employ state-of-the–art low-sludge technologies with typically low space requirements, high flexibility and a level of automation. This allows easy adaptation to hectically changing loads. It is likely that these factors together account for our outstanding success in the industrial segment.

Municipal wastewater treatment plants

Municipal wastewater treatment plants

When developing our municipal wastewater treatment facilities we have followed similar principles to those applied in the industrial segment. Our patented technologies offer the state of the art solutions in terms of efficiency, security of operation and operating costs. We recommend our tailor-made, simple biological wastewater treatment plants to any size of municipality.

The technologies used can be of continuous operation or they can be based on cyclic CONTISEQTM activated sludge technology. At the lower end of the capacity spectrum we can deliver containerised, ready-built wastewater treatment facilities requiring assembly only.



The sludge generated during wastewater treatment, alongside with a wide range of other agricultural by-products, can be the basis of long-reaching and environmentally aware thinking. The harmonised, coherent development of wastewater treatment, sludge management and biogas production technologies can yield far more economical environmental systems and far greater benefits to the environment.

On the basis of our experience from a large number of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment projects, both as developer and as main contractor, we can also develop and build cost-effective biogas facilities. Like our wastewater treatment plants, our biogas plants come with a high level of professionalism, which means the best available technologies are delivered.



Innovative water disinfection

Water disinfection by chemicals is steadily losing its popularity due to the disinfectants being harmful to human health and the environment. Not even mentioning that in cases of industrial use, traditional methods are often ineffective. The unique h2o.TITANIUM® offers an effective, chemical-free, up-to-date water treatment solution. The equipment operating on the principle of photocatalysis (UV/TiO2) is suitable for the treatment of drinking, bathing and industrial (waste) water. With the use of h2o.TITANIUM®, the removal of microorganisms and pathogens is faster and more efficient than with any other known and industrially used oxidation technology.

The use of h2o.TITANIUM® is a reasonable investment since the easy-to-operate, safe and environmentally friendly device has long life, low power consumption and does not require significant maintenance. Furthermore, the photocatalytic technology is available both on its own, and as part of the complex water management system. In special cases, such as an unforeseen microbiological water pollution, the operational leasing of the equipment is possible.


Beyond engineering, project preparation and implementation tasks, professional operation is the guarantee for the highest possible quality of design and implementation. It also ensures the application of the best materials and the highest standards, reliability and security.

For this reason we offer long-term operation services to our Clients who recieve the benefits of optimum, sustainable and synergic operation.

Our company

Our company

Inwatech Kft. was established in January 2001 by environmental technology professionals and people committed to the field. Our creative and dynamic management team have long thought of wastewater engineering as a life’s calling. The management have outstanding professional experience and knowledge in the field of industrial wastewater treatment, and in the field of sewage treatment in general, both as engineers and as contractors.

This wealth of experience and knowledge forms the basis and background of Inwatech Kft’s activities. Over the past decade Inwatech engineers have played key roles in the planning and implementation of over 30 wastewater treatment facilities in Hungary and Romania. Our work has been supported throughout, to a substantial extent, by our long-term European partners who are leaders in their particular segment of the market. Due to our exclusive partnership and agency agreements, we have the ability to employ global leading technologies and to draw on a wellspring of experience and knowledge in our Hungarian projects.

Inwatech Ltd. has become active in several countries.


Management of the company is provided by Eszes Zsolt managing director and Lorx Viktor director, both having decades long professional background and excellent reputations in the field of engineering and main contracting of environmental projects.

Technological partners

Long term exclusive professional partners are inevitable for our activities and to maintain our professional competitiveness. These companies are globally leading players within their respective sectors.  



Inwatech has developed and implemented a vigorous Integrated Management System in agreement with the certified requirements of ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. Inwatech’s mandate to exceed the needs and expectations of the customers, employees and other stakeholders’ requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the HSEQ Management systems is achieved by:

  • Clearly defining strategic and operational goals and objectives;
  • Communicating and monitoring compliance with the company’s ethics, procedures and work practices;
  • Providing and maintaining competent manpower and suitable resources;
  • Regular performance measurement and analysis;
  • Improving the effectiveness of the IMS and HSEQ requirements with regular senior management reviews; and
  • Environment sustainability in order to protect natural resources and prevent pollution.

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Inwatech Ltd. is committed to the continuous development of its innovative technologies and to actively participate in national and international R&D projects. In addition to the research topics integrally related to the company’s profile to their product and market-orientedness and by their nature, Inwatech is dedicated to sustainable development, environmental awareness, energy and cost-effective innovation. In 2015 Inwatech has two patent applications in wastewater and water treatment.

R&D project financed by the NRDI Fund – National Competitiveness and Excellence Programme

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