Budapest, October 20, 2021. The Water Impact Fund managed by SUSTERRA Capital Partners Ltd acquired 48% stake in Inwatech Ltd, a key player in the Hungarian wastewater and biogas market.


The Water Impact Fund, managed by Susterra Capital Partners Ltd., acquired a minority stake of 48 percent in Inwatech Ltd., a leading company in the wastewater industry. The transaction has been registered by the Court of Registry, the parties announced.

Founded in 2001 by professionals active in the field of environmental technologies, Inwatech Ltd. is one of the key players in the Hungarian wastewater and biogas market with several major referenceworks. The company, which employs approximately 40 people - mostly engineers - achieved a net revenue of HUF 3,2 billion in 2020 with a net operating profit of HUF 274 million. In addition to the treatment of municipal or mixed wastewaters, the company has significant activities in the field of industrial wastewater treatment for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and mechanical industries. In the past decades, the company's specialists have played a key role in the design and implementation of dozens of wastewater treatment and biogas plants in Hungary and abroad.

Susterra Capital Partners launched the Water Impact Fund in 2020 as the first European water technology fund: the venture capital fund invests primarily in companies with innovative and scalable technology and business models in the fields of water, wastewater treatment, circular economy, smart city and digital water.. The mission of the Fund is to create a measurable positive environmental impact through its portfolio companies in addition to the financial return.

"Based on the technical, financial and legal due diligence conducted in the recent months, we consider Inwatech Ltd that fits well into our portfolio, that is the reason we acquired 48 percent share in the company" said Bence Tóth, the Chairman of the Board of Susterra Capital Partners. He added that as venture capitalists, they see their acquired stake as a long-term investment. Balázs Korintus, member of the fund management company’s Board said: the continuity in Inwatech Ltd is ensured by the founding owner Mr. Zsolt Eszes and the division heads Mr. Sándor Stock and Mr. László Mészáros as well, who also became minority owners in the company in the transaction.

Mr. Zsolt Eszes, the managing director of Inwatech Ltd said concerning the transaction that with the acquisition by Water Impact Fund, the company will be able to further strengthen its position in the Hungarian and international municipal wastewater treatment, biogas production markets, while contributing to the introduction of new, innovative products and technologies.

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