As the member of a four-member-consortium, Inwatech Ltd. has been awarded a national grant in the framework of the National Competitiveness and Excellence Programme, funded by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office. The main goal of the project is to design, engineer and test an innovative waste water treatment technology capable of removing organic micropollutants (e.g. pharmaceutical residues) from biologically treated waste water.

Traditional aerobic/anaerobic biological treatment processes are in the majority insufficient for the removal of such organic micropollutants: the amount of prescription and over-the-counter medicines leaving waste water treatment plants after the biological treatment in almost unaltered form is quantifiable.

The expected result of the planned development is an innovative fotooxidative waste water treatment technology in a mobile container. The output treated waste water will contains less organic micropollutants, significantly decreasing relevant negative environmental impacts, such as the negative influence on the hormone balance of wildlife, the occurrence of antibiotic resistant bacteria, perpetuance of certain micropollutants in drinking water, long term human health risks).

Trial runs are currently undertaken at the Kiskunlacháza WWTP.