The number of green energy investments has been shown a growing tendency both worldwide and in Hungary in the last decays. One important pillar of renewable energy utilization is biogas production which both in Hungary and Norway has come to the fore and become a supported investment as a green technology.

Biogas technologies based on agricultural input or sewage water have an important but not (effectively) solved aspect: utilization of the by-product digestate on cultivable land meets several problems despite the digestate having an excellent composition for sustaining/increasing the multifunctionality of soils. For example, the high volume of liquid phase digestate results in difficulties at its agricultural disposition, generating relatively high costs; remarkable part of the valuable nutrients can be volatilized and degraded during the digestate treatment; the water soluble plant nutrients can leach into the deeper soil layers thus hampering the nutrient utilization of plants.

The main goal of this project is to solve the above mentioned problems in the frame of international R&D cooperation on the field of waste management. The result of the project will be a product prepared from biogas digestate, a non-hazardous waste for sustaining/increasing the multifunctionality of soils and the nutrient supply of plants. The raw materials used for product preparation will be bentonite rock as a mineral and biogas digestate as an organic matter.