Water disinfection by chemicals is steadily losing its popularity due to the disinfectants being harmful to human health and the environment. Not even mentioning that in cases of industrial use, traditional methods are often ineffective. The unique h2o.TITANIUM® offers an effective, chemical-free, up-to-date water treatment solution. The equipment operating on the principle of photocatalysis (UV/TiO2) is suitable for the treatment of drinking, bathing and industrial (waste) water. With the use of h2o.TITANIUM®, the removal of microorganisms and pathogens is faster and more efficient than with any other known and industrially used oxidation technology.

The use of h2o.TITANIUM® is a reasonable investment since the easy-to-operate, safe and environmentally friendly device has long life, low power consumption and does not require significant maintenance. Furthermore, the photocatalytic technology is available both on its own, and as part of the complex water management system. In special cases, such as an unforeseen microbiological water pollution, the operational leasing of the equipment is possible.