Zöldforrás Energia Ltd, majority owned by the Szeged-based EDF-DÉMÁSZ Zrt. reiterates the slogan of its mother company (“The future-friendly energy”) through the biogas plant built in 2011 by Inwatech Kft The biogas and energy generation plant is the model project of EDF-Démász Zrt. as it is its first plant using renewable energy. The biogas and energy generation plant of Szeged is the third plant built by our company.

The plant has a nominal electric power of 1200 kW and a heat energy power of 1260 kW. The plant was established according to custom needs as part of a green field investment. The degree of heat utilisation, including the use of exhaust gas, is over 70%. The establishment of the small plant serves two purposes as in addition to economic energy generation relying on local resources it also enables the diminishing of negative environmental effects.

We are proud of the fact that our company, INWATECH Környezetvédelmi Kft was awarded the role of general contractor in the implementation of the energy investment of the EDF Group, a milestone in itself.