As a follow up of our recent successful BIOPAQ IC project, together with our Dutch technological partner Paques B.V. we contracted to realise one of the first BIOPAQ ICX anaerobic reactors of the word, being also the largest so far. The revolutionary ICX reactor uses the shell of one of the recently built existing EGSB reactors of 2500m3 (the other reactor will function as a sludge buffer), to upgrade its capacity to an enormous app. 80t COD/d (14.400 m3/d, 750.000 PE).

With this upgrade, the total capacity of the anaerobic pre treatment Inwatech implemented here reaches 105 t COD/d (19.200 m3/d, and over 1.000.000 PE). We also implemented Hungary’s first Thiopaq biological biogas desulphurisation unit, for 2000 Nm3/h biogas capacity and 0,6 t S/d removal.

We fully designed and implemented many necessary components for the capacity upgrade and technological change (inlet filtration, lifting station heat exchangers, biogas holder, flare, chemical lines, etc.).