„The safe treatment of water and wastewater is a factor that essentially affects the quality of our lives. This work can be done only with great dedication, steadfast work and the continuous improvement of the professional knowledge-base.”

Scope of activities

Zsolt Eszes as the Managing Director performs the executive function of Inwatech Ltd.

Professional experience

Having two decades of professional experience, Eszes has taken part in the implementation of more than 50 wastewater treatment and biogas plants – from planning to operation and maintenance.

Eszes took part in the operation of the regional water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment systems of Lake Velence and Dunaújváros for eight years, as well as in the technical monitoring of their investments for six years. He has been taking part in the implementation and the test operation of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants since 1996, and in the design, construction and operation of biogas plants since 2007.