Inwatech Kft. was established in January 2001 by environmental technology professionals and people committed to the field. Our creative and dynamic management team have long thought of wastewater engineering as a life’s calling. The management have outstanding professional experience and knowledge in the field of industrial wastewater treatment, and in the field of sewage treatment in general, both as engineers and as contractors.

This wealth of experience and knowledge forms the basis and background of Inwatech Kft’s activities. Over the past decade Inwatech engineers have played key roles in the planning and implementation of over 30 wastewater treatment facilities in Hungary and Romania. Our work has been supported throughout, to a substantial extent, by our long-term European partners who are leaders in their particular segment of the market. Due to our exclusive partnership and agency agreements, we have the ability to employ global leading technologies and to draw on a wellspring of experience and knowledge in our Hungarian projects.

Inwatech Ltd. has become active in several countries.