Having two decades of professional experience, Lorx has taken part in the implementation of more than 50 wastewater treatment and biogas plants from planning to operation and maintenance, in several cases as chief engineer.

„Since graduating from university, my professional experience has been primarily related to the field of wastewater treatment. From the beginning, my interest has focused on unconventional, modern wastewater technologies. “

Scope of activities

Viktor Lorx as the Director of Inwatech Ltd. takes part in creative engineering and market development.

“I have high professional expectations for myself and my colleagues. Wastewater treatment is an extremely complex and multifactorial science, and in industrial cases this is even more so. Success can be achieved only with a thorough, creative and far-reaching engineering attitude that is able to embrace several sub-fields. “

Professional experience

Since 1993 Viktor Lorx has been exploiting his international professional experience gained at the development department of a regional waterworks in the Netherlands, in course of the design, construction and test operation of a number of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.